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Nigerians are Backward Unprogressive Fools.




Burna Boy has been the talk of the day on Twitter following his Instagram posts calling Nigerians “Backward Unprogressive Fools”The danceall singer in his post said that Nigerians is the home of backwards Unprogressive fools because most Nigerians are not mentally advanced to fight for themselves.Though he promised to fight for them, he went on to thank some African individuals, according to him never conform to any manner of bullshit brought to themHowever Nigerians had their say on the matter

“Backward unprogressive fools” because you were corrected to embrace the pyramid pattern of how things works First feature and you want to be the headline artist. One can overreact but failing to admit one’s mistakes is where the problem lies He thinks he’s Mandela too.

@Uncle_Ajala wrote;

Burna Boy just called some Nigerians backward unprogressive fools & some people are angry, in a country where many people are doing everything for Buhari to be president for another 4 yrs, if that’s not a country with many backward unprogressive fools, I don’t know what it is.

@the_tenioola wrote;

Be like say Burna Boy body dey gbona, which country him dey oo, be like say their weed stong pass Nigeria own…. “Backward unprogressive fools” As a celebrity there’s some things you need know not to say I need a full refund of my 15k oo with extra for damages

@Abisolathegreat wrote;

Man this can’t be true, @burnaboy referered to Nigeria as a home of ‘Backward unprogressive fools’? if this is true, then something has gone terribly wrong. To say this is shocking is an understatement

@XammyOfficial wrote;

This can never be my MCM.

Wondering where all those “Backward unprogressive FOOLS” who claims to be Burna Boy’s die hard fans are

@EnekemGreg wrote;

Burna Boy Just Called Nigerians ”BACKWARD UNPROGRESSIVE FOOLS” it all started from a FONT. You all have given too much power and Attention to the wrong person this time,Man is now intoxicated cause he makes Songs that sounds good when you are HIGH

@Pearllyndah wrote;

Okay, Now it’s beginning to seem like Burna boy just wants to trend. Because saying “Nigeria is the home to the largest number of backward unprogressive fools” was a really unnecessary thing for him to have said.

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