Davido’s Manager Gives Details Of The Fight Between Davido & MC Galaxy

Davido’s manager, Kamal Ajiboye has reacted to news reports that the singer beat up MC Galaxy.
Galaxy had reportedly said about the incident:
“Yes, I was attacked by Davido, his driver also broke a bottle on my head. Davido is someone I love and I am surprised he did this. His
manager Kamal has called to apologize to me but I would rather not have this in the public.”
Ajiboye has however denied that Davido touched him. He said:
“I was actually there with them earlier in the day but I left before the fight started. I’ve spoken to both of them, and what happened is
that, first, you know Davido and Galaxy are friends, he always invites them for his comedy shows and most times he makes jokes out of
them at his shows, the boys didn’t like it and they’ve been warning him about it for a while.
“So I guess at the studio, he started again, he began comparing his career to B-Red saying he’s bigger than B-red. They argued over it for a while then he turned to another HKN boy,Lati and called him a driver and common houseboy. Lati has also been warning him not to call him a driver because he’s a Personal Assistant and not a driver but he didn’t listen. So Davido was fed up and just told him to
leave. From what I heard, David didn’t touch him, it was Lati that pushed him and that led to a fight.”

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