Nigerian Entertainers Are Now Instruments Of Political Gimmicks?

    2015 General Elections is probably the most anticipated and controversial election Nigeria has ever seen. For the first time, everybody ( both the young and old ) is getting involved and taking a stand in their right to vote which is very commendable for the development of Nigeria but is it right for our dreaded politicians to use our beloved celebrities as campaign tools?

    This phase started somewhat during the last general election which saw D’banj make a mockery of himself on national tv to the disgust of Nigerians and his core fans at large when he endorsed President Jonathan. Isn’t it funny that he is missing in this general elections or should we say his involvement in the past election was a huge mistake to him? Celebrities to a lot of humans are godlike structures that are worshipped everyday and whatever they say is final especially to our naïve young teenagers and “overgrown barbie girls.”

    These people are icons to us so whatever they say/do/portray should be judged diligently. The importance of celebrities coming to the fore-front to partake in political affairs is appreciated but endorsing a candidate in public without believing in their memorandum should be cautioned with immediate effect.

    We live in a generation where our votes actually counts ,the decisions we make now will either make or break our future , the power is in our hands. We need our celebrities to endorse the candidates they believe can bring a change to the Nation not just posing for the money and fame attached to it.

    Entertainers should refrain themselves from being used as instruments of political gimmicks , we have gone past those ancient days where a few zeros in your bank account will make you lose your dignity and dampened the future of your generation.

    Entertainers should first believe in their candidates before publicly campaigning for them because of the effects of their judgements ! We all know the Nation is in a state of turmoil and this particular election will determine if we will stick together and fight as one to push the nation ahead or we will let the efforts of our great heroes be in vain as we disintegrate. A word is enough for the wise

    What do I know? I am just a writer who wants to make Nigeria a better place by banning a lot of disdainful music in the Nation. E.g Terry G, Konga,Timaya etc but like J.Cole said “Every good joke contains true shit”.

Joseph Abalokwu

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