5 Reasons D’banj and Don Jazzy should Work Together Again

What would a Don Jazzy produced D’banj track sound like today? Will we ever get to hear another record from both of them?

A lot of hyperbole has been stated all over the place about how Don Jazzy needs D’banj and vice versa, but in reality Don Jazzy has gone on to create the most sturdy music label/crew in the Nigerian music industry and D’banj has established himself as the most relevant Nigerian/Artist on an international level. They are both successful at the goals that they had set for themselves, but we would like to get one or more records from both of them for the reasons listed below.


1. Make it the 10th Year Anniversary gift to the fans

Let’s not act like D’banj is the only one who has been in the Nigerian Music industry for 10 years. He and Don Jazzy entered the game together which means Jazzy’s 10th year anniversary needs to be celebrated too, but will he?

I think the smartest way Don Jazzy should celebrate his 10th year anniversary is to drop a BIG tune with D’banj. Just imagine what a D’banj and Don Jazzy song will sound like today? They both need to do this regardless of the money, personal issues or differences, and just celebrate a decade of being successful in the Nigerian Music Industry by serving a HOT new tune.

2. The Fans Want and Deserve it

“Don Baba J” and “Banga Lee” really need to do this for the Fans. We respect and appreciate the current players in the Nigerian music industry, but we are all clamoring for a D’banj and Don Jazzy record where the raw talent of Don Jazzy will meet the High Energy of the entertainer D’banj. No one can do it better than both of them and the fans would love to listen to a 2015 Don Jazzy and D’banj collabo… and also see them together on stage ONE MORE TIME. #DoItForTheFans

3. They will create Magic

The feelings we all get when we remember the massive tunes these 2 have delivered when Mo’hits was still alive: Tongolo, Mobolowowon, Suddenly, Why Me, Gbono Feli Feli, Fall in Love, Igwe, Scape Goat, Mr Endowed, Oliver Twist.. We don’t want to imagine the magic, let us experience it. The fans would love a 2015 experience of magic delivered by Don Jazzy and D’banj.

4. To Unite their fans

Obviously, when Mo’hits separated, people in the camp gravitated to a certain person and took their respective sides. The same thing happened with their fans as the D’banj fans no longer see eye to eye with Don Jazzy fans when either of their “Artiste” releases content.

Just see these sample comments on a D’banj Post below

Every time a Mavin Records single drops, the D’banj fans or trolls leave comments putting down the Mavins and exalting D’banj while the same thing happens when D’banj releases any type of material; the Mavin goons come on the site and destroy the morale of the D’banj fans. That being said, when a song created by Don Jazzy and D’banj drops, both of their fans will have no option than to co-exist and unite; similar to what happens when the Super Eagles of Nigeria are playing football.

5. It will encourage a 9ice and Id Cabassa Re-Union

If in fact Don Jazzy and D’banj decide to release at least ONE single in 2015, I suspect that we will get to hear an organic 9ice and ID Cabassa product. You know what happens when 9ice and Cabassa create organic music… if you don’t, go and listen to the Gongo Aso album to understand. It will definitely be a spearheading attempt at creating more classic materials in 2015.


Do you want to see D’banj and Don Jazzy Work Together Again? Vote below. Perhaps both parties will see it and get encouraged to actually get in the studio to create a magical single in 2015.

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